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    F1's, F2's, F3's, and SBT Bengal Kittens that we offer, take a minute to look at the available

kittens and call if you are seriously interested. Stacy (214)-552-0901


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Princess Litter Available


Sire: Bravo    X    Dam: Princess

DOB: 09/07/2016

 Princess's litter - Available - Name: Heidi

 Marble Female -Available as a pet $1800.


Heidi is as precious as they com she sits in my lap when I work on the computer

and purrs. She watches the pointer on the screen and likes to play with it.








Genger's litter - Available - Name: Zenna


$2800.00 - Available as Pet will be ready to go after February 18, 2017

Zenna is fun loving, with a outstanding personality!

Zenna loves playing with the feather teaser, chase's the red lazier dot around the room, and play in the sink!  


Enough of the picture taking!!! I can not see no more for the flash of the light!!


I just want you to love on me!








Name: Dusty 

#1 Ginger's Male - Available as a pet $3500.

Dusty has been neutered and ready to go to his new home. Dusty is very out going fun and playful. he like to take little things and put them in his toy box. He likes playing with straws and pens. He purrs all the time!

Dusty is a very happy Kitty! He needs some one to love!





 Best way to contact Stacy is by calling.

Please give Stacy a call @ #214-552-0901 If you are interested.

Emails it might take me a few days to get back with you! If you call and get my voicemail

You can leave a message and I will return it soon as possible..







Older or Retired Bengal Available


Older Bengals are kept back to watch how they grow, and/or kept back for breeding purposes

or just kept back as older kittens, not every one wants a kitten! Some times they would like a

 older kitten preferred over a baby kitten.  So we do keep back kittens to see how they develop as they get older.


 "TexasStar Fritz"

Call Name "Willis"

Available as a neutered male $1600.00


1 year, 7 month's


This is Willis, He is a Sweet Big Boy. He’s beautiful. When he was a baby with his siblings, they where playing with a feather teaser, the feather teaser hit the wall and then bouncer the end in to his eye. We treated it, but over time his eye would not heal so the vet suggested surgery. Willis can see great with one eye! Great big cat with a great big heart. If interested contact me at #214-552-0901






New Litter of SBT Bengal kittens

Sire: TexasStar Fritz   Dam: TexasStar Princess

2 males and 3 females


All Are Brown Black Spotted and Rosettes


DOB: February 12, 2017


"To be posted when eyes are open"


One Male and one Female have been reserved!


#1 Female

#2 Female

#3 Female

#4 Male

#5 Male



Bengal Kitten Pricing


 Contact Stacy for more information on any of these Bengal's at #214-552-0901.




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View TexasStar F1 Bengal at play. Her name is Dallas! Thank you Tia, for sharing the video of Dallas playing.


Thank you

How to find a reputable breeder.  I would suggest you read the standard set by TIBCS http://www.bengalcat.com/aboutbengals/reputable.aspx

As stated there is a difference between a reputable breeder and a kitten producer or kitten mill.


Health Guarantee - we guarantee all of our kittens against hereditary or congenital

health conditions.  We work very hard to provide only the healthiest babies here at

Texas Star Bengals and we have great pride in our Bengal Cats and our Bengal

kittens.  We are always here for you 24/7 and consider you to be part of our family

when you purchase a Bengal kitten from Texas Star Bengals.

We take great pride in all of our clients as a part of our family...

Please call Stacy at #214-552-0901



F1 Bakula using the toilet. We have had several F1's that have toilet trained themselves. 

One of our clients have shared how she trained her kitten to the toilet.

If you would like to toilet train your Bengal click the link below..


How to Toilet Train Bengal Kitten..

Do F1 Bengal Kittens and Dogs get along?


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Why Microchip Your Pet?



 The Ultimate kittens for Ultimate homes.

Kittens placed as pets must be at least 10 -12 weeks old before going to their new homes; an additional fee is required for neuter/spay and micro chipping identification, which are mandatory for the welfare of our kittens

before being released to their new homes. As responsible cat fanciers, we feel this is necessary in order to prevent the unnecessary  breeding of pet quality kittens; and for their safety in case of accidental loss, theft, or natural disaster. We keep a permanent record of micro chip information on all our kittens adopted from Texas Star. We require a $300 deposit to put a hold on pet kitten and $500 deposit to put a hold on breeder/show kittens.  F-1 deposits for pet or breeder kittens is $500. Deposits are non-refundable or transferable, they are considered to be a partial payment toward the kitten in which you have put a hold on. Only if the kitten in which you have chosen becomes unfit for sale, your deposit/ partial payment will go toward another litter. This ensures the buyers will follow through with their commitment for the kitten  whom the buyer has  put the hold on.



If paying with PayPal, please add $3.00 per $100.00 to the total.


 Best way to contact Stacy is at  (214)-552-0901

All our kittens come with their own pedigree, their vaccinations to date, and get to go to their new homes at 10 to 14 weeks of age. 

Kittens are sold with a written contract, and a health guarantee.






Texas Star Bengals and Texas Star Safari have the right to refuse to sell any cat or kitten at anytime during the negotiation period.

These cats and kittens are the sole property of Texas Star Bengals and Texas Star Safari and will be regarded as such until a written contract of

ownership has been signed by both interested parties.


Texas Star is not licensed to sell Asian Leopard Cats at this time.


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